Hey Webislam, get out Le Pen!

I said that I don’t want to read Fidel Castro in Webislam, and for the same reason, I don’t want to read Le Pen in Webislam. OK, brothers? Le Pen is racist, torture expert in Algeria, and if he says something, it is always with bad intentions. No matter if he’s critic with other liars, as Sarkozy or Bush. We are in Ramadan and Le Pen is not welcome in our house, Webislam his against racist use of hate of the Other. He’s the most xenophobia  entertainer in Europe. Webislam is a web for freedom, not a web for fascists voices like French Old Monster Le Pen’s shit.

A3udhu bi-l-lâhi min ash-shaytân ar-rajîm, wa-stagfiru Al-lâh.

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2 Respuestas a “Hey Webislam, get out Le Pen!

  1. Dear Abenyusuf:

    I´m reading your commentaries in Lluis Bassats and Enrique Meneses. I´m following your very interesting reflections, and I definately agree with many things you say and defend.

    Please, never stop thinking like this, and please never stop transmitting your pleasant feelings to the whole Muslim World.

    I think we all need people like you, who can clearly separate what the real Islam says, from what some interested people want Islam to say.

    I will always keep reading and following your interesting points of view.

    Happy Ramadam. Assalam Alaikum

    Jorge Medina Azcárate
    One brother World

  2. Gracias, Jorge.
    I enjoy your interventions too. I wish our mood will prevail in the way Humankind faces the problems.
    Wa ‘alaikum assalam.

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