The Islamic Commission of Spain: power and authority

Webislam explains today that the Imam of Madrid’s Masjid, Riay Tatari, has meet with Mohammed Amin Herrero last August to change the inside organization of the Comisión Islámica de España. Now, they control all decisions and they choose who can get in and who must stay out. Like in France, now we have the Muslim Brotherhood as unique interlocutor with the spanish government. The Federations, says Webislam, are recognized in the 1992’s Dîn between Muslims and the Spanish Kingdom. Maybe it’s gonna be a second battle for the power inside the CIE.

Now, let’s talk about authority. Who can speak in the name of the Muslims in Spain? Nobody else than Sidi Mansur Escudero. With the 2002 Fatwa against Terrorism of Al Qaeda, he and the Junta Islámica de España did the first step of the way Webislam is in journey now: Democracy, Human Rights, Islamic Feminism, Dialog and Spirituality.

Là ilâha illà Al-lâh wa Muhammad Rasûl Al-lâh.

If you want to read it’s Un «golpe de estado» en la Comisión Islámica de España

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  1. I Know Mr. Riay Tatary personally, and I got a very good impression from him, in the constructive conversations I had with his person when the conflict of the pictures of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be uppon him) happened in the whole of Europe.

    In those days, I could see a great effort from the UCIDE to transmit to the whole muslim community in Spain, how to face this insulting message without violence,.. and the most important thing, how to separate a provocation from some radicals, to the rest of the european (and in this case spanish) citizens. ..In those days, I saw a great «Riay Tatary» in front of me.

    Now, with the short information that I have in these moments, I can say that this process of internal confrontation in the «Spanish Muslim Community» is not good for «muslims» in Spain. Independent of what the names «Tatary» and «Herrero» could mean. ..If we all want to achieve a Mosque in Córdoba where cristians and muslims can pray together,… first of all we need to show that we can agree, join together, and respect each other in an internal way. …And this, we will be able to achieve, if we share power, if nobody gets the whole prominence, and definately, if we all see muslims in the same way in front of Allah.

    Kind regards. Assalam Alaikum

    Jorge Medina Azcárate
    One brother World

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