More on Islam in Spain (answer to Jorge Medina Azcárate)

Wa-alaikum assalâm Jorge, buenos días.

Sir Tatary may be a wonderful person, I have no doubts on that. And I’m sure he’s doing a good work in Madrid and in the whole country. But we have to know he’s conservative, he does not admit gay Muslim identity, he never has done something significant for the Mosque in Cordoba, and I’m not sure women can pray with men in Madrid’s Mosque.

On Mister Herrero, I want to give more comments. I attacked his assertions on polygamy, and he was not clever at all when he talked about «Moros y Cristianos» Festivities. He was a little bit better in the interview for El País, but he’s not a self-done Authority in Islam we can work with, as it occurs with Mansur Escudero or Abdennur Prado.

So it’s a hard yihâd to us not to accept from the begin of the construction of the spanish Islam leaders who will bring us to the past, no to the future. But it’s true that we will never build nothing affronting constantly ourselves about names, leaders and imported from outside issues. May Al-lâh enforce us for this task and for the permanent building of a better world.

Thank you Jorge for your message. Have a good day,
With the Peace.

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4 Respuestas a “More on Islam in Spain (answer to Jorge Medina Azcárate)

  1. Hooria

    Assalaam alaikum Brother,
    Very interesting comments and I hope the muslim community in spain remain united and set an example for other countries. I would like to comment on what you said when you mentioned imam Tatary and his conservative views of muslim gay identity, now if I´m not mistaken you didn´t like those views, but as you know in the quran, the unchanged quran there is nothing written in favour of homosexuality, in fact in one of the verses it says that male amourous relations are abominations and they act senselessly (27.55), now I don´t want to sound old fashioned or like yet another radical condemning homosexuality but merely give my opinion., that all I´d like to say with utter respect to your comments is that mullahs and imams of today will not admit to homosexuality or change their beliefs about them, because it would be like telling christians to stop believing christ is the son of god, there are certain foundations of Islaam that haven´t changed and I don´t think they will. As for men and women praying together, it happens in Hajj why not in mosques, this I think is the traditional segregation that is seen all over the world in mosques. With all said , I hope spain´s muslim leaders work together to create awareness for young muslims and not disillusionment. Peace be with you

  2. Wa-alaikum assalâm, Sister.
    I wrote an answer as a new post. Please comment if you find it necessary.
    Peace be with you.

  3. Really interesting both points of view. My personal conclusion from an «outsider» is that times change, and with them, all the rules in every culture and religion should follow those times and adapt to the new circumstances.

    Not respecting gay communities means separating the 25% of the population worldwide. I think Islam, like any other religion, should consider this. Otherwise, we (current religions) are forcing this 25% of the population to create their new and respective religions for themselves.

    This is what I humbly think is happening in the World now. Let’s not reject people, and let’s try to do things for everybody to be close to each other.

    Kind regards. Happy Ramadan.

  4. We can use Islamic instruments in this reform, and take care of each science and every person who helps us in this task. We need a lot of Sociology, and meanwhile we have to let the Islam itself grow and become universal. Exclude the others in their nature is a weakness.

    Thank you Jorge.

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