An islamist plurality (answer to Hooria)

The politic islamism, defined as a construction of different options to rule a society, may open the way to understand why I’m legitimate by facts to declare that my option on Human Rights issues is islamic. I mean that if my well-known will is to offer to the whole society my understanding of how it’s gonna work, the fact that I use my islamist model is carrying the islamic background. In other works, I don’t have to negociate with the Islamic Intelligentsia, but with the Spanish Society.

At that point, it is impossible to do politic in Spain with the asserts that homosexuality is an illness or that women can’t endorse a work reserved for men. It would simply don’t enter in the democratic sphere. The laws are very clear, and it’s not a good idea to begin a cat and mouse play with the press, the public opinion and most of all, the demosphere.

I don’t know how other leaders want to do their job, or if they renounce forever to an islamism in the heart of the Risâla. I don’t see an alternative to my position. The plurality of the Spanish islamism finds is reality in the pluralism of the Spanish Society. Nobody can’t ignore that for more time.

Thank you Hooria for your comment, I wish you a spiritual siyyâm. With Al-lâh and his Peace,

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