Picasso painting women (II)

When Picasso painted La Suite Vollard, the feminine model was one of the central topics. Here, the painter is shown as a faun, who looks at the woman while she’s sleeping. The black and white watercolor contrast is an echo of the day-night, desire-dream and pair-impair dichotomies. Picasso is in the top of his art. He knows well the sense of a classicism mixed with  etching tradition and  with a medieval bi-plane composition. It projects a kind of profane Annunciation, and keeps the heritage of the bullfight series.  The woman is evolving in a nude undiscovered,  and one more time, full of mystery. The faun, symbol of a wild soul,  is violating her sacred space, and we, as voyeurs, are his accomplices for few moments…

Picasso, “Faune dévoilant une Femme” / “Faune dévoilant une dormeuse” from “La Suite Vollard”

© 1998–2007 Galerie Boisserée

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  1. Nice work! Ill have to do a cross post on this one 😉

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