Schiele painting women

Austrian painter Egon Schiele understand the woman as his partner. He painted the two bodies, the one soul together. She stays by him, he stays by her. The stones all around are the border of Time, Space and difference from the Society. It’s utopic, romantic and full of courtly love. The whole is divided in a constellation of movements, as the thoughts invading them.

Despite this power, the bodies are suffering. They’re emaciated by reasons, problems, questions.

Would she die?


Egon Schiele (d. 1918)

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  1. anangeli

    A very dramatic painting. I have always been mesmerized by his figures.

  2. Yes, indeed, «mesmerized» is the true sensation. Other painters of Vienna in the Secession Mouvement were very interested in oriental psychological brain manipulation. That’s maybe the key for this mysterious atmosphere.

    Thank you, anangeli, for your comment. And congratulations for your blog, that I discover by the way.

    With peace,

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