Honor bound to defend freedom

Maybe you know where you can read it, «Honor bound to defend freedom». It sounds like «Arbeit macht frei», but don’t worry. Young people,we’re dreaming about Art, Freedom, Justice. Sometimes more. Islam teachs us to accept reality, so dreams never go too far, just far enough to live. I don’t go to Paris, you don’t go to Las Vegas. I don’t bomb you, you don’t bomb me.

I hate Camp Delta. But I will never protest in the Exit of the workers. I did it in Sevilla, now is enough. Strikes, Unions, Parties, whatever you want, are situations in a Democratic country. My country. Afghanistan is covered by a cloud of birds. Let’s go to sleep, now. I’m waiting the next tale for tonight. Al-lâh will give us the morning if He likes to extend his Mercy. Al-lâh, you are the Listener, the Generous. Ya Al-lâh, astagfir lanâ, wa-rhamnâ, innaka al-Hamîd al-Majîd.

The path is printed in our minds. Just file it.
Misconception. 2002  Print on canvas  150 x 105

Zaid Omar: Misconception. 2002 (* 1972, Malaysia)

© Universes in Universe – Worlds of Art

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2 Respuestas a “Honor bound to defend freedom

  1. salahudin

    what do you mean «dreams shouldn’t go to far» ????

  2. Dreams go where life is. We dream situations we don’t manage, but the situations are lived. We don’t dream us dead. That’s the Ajira, somewhere under the power of Al-lâh, subhanahu wa-ta3alà.
    Thank you for your hard question. It’s not easy to talk about dreams, without the usual idealizations. Peace be with you.

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