Islamist New Deal


Since Fukuyama wrote The End of History, some thinkers and a lot of people think that Democracy, Market and Human Rights are the same thing. I don’t share this opinion. Actually, there’s no Democracy when parties take the power of the Medias, there’s no Market with the Commercial protectionism of the Rich Big Occidental Countries, and there’s no Human Rights where the people can’t help other nations, as it is the case now with Burma. Mâ shâ’ Al-lâh.

The Umma, an open definition of a solidarity between People of good will, is the alternative we have to build for our generation. Let’s open the discussions with all the Left worldwide. The Islam takes the challenge for a new world, where Democracy, Market and Human Rights will be the path, no the Heaven of the Neo-Kafirs.

Wa Al-lâh Subhanahu wata3âlà will protect the poors, the children and the weaks , He’s Lover and Our Majesty.

Peace be upon Muhammad, the Chosen for the Risâla.

With Peace.

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