New Deal with the Left


In Spain and Latin America, Islam has his own space to create a bound with the Left. The foundation of the mutual support and collective struggle is actually The Brasilian victory on the American protectionism about coton production, imports and dumping, at the WTO.

Islamic progressive countries can take advantage for the knowledge adquired by Brasilian Negotiators. Here in Spain, the Islamist tendencies -wherever they are, in the lost forums of Webislam or in the Junta Islámica-, with the Dogmática Situacionista Islamista, we cultivate ties of cooperation with Spanish Workers Socialist Party (PSOE), and we support the Government President M. Rodríguez Zapatero, the leading head of the Alliance of Civilizations.

There’re millions of comments in the web about Islam and the Left. Isalm, for true Islamists, is the Left of the Left and nothing else. Wa Al-lâh al-3Azîz  al- Hakîm.

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