An Academic Tragedy

I’m sure there are less students who want to study in American Universities, and I’m not sure if I was invited to study in USA, maybe I will not feel myself in security to endeavor studies on Islam, Western Literature, Orientalism or even Literature’s Theory. After WWII, a lot of teachers coming from Central Europe and Spain found a new home in USA. Maybe we will the next to give hospitality for American free teachers and writers, and we don’t forget the tradition of well refuge in al-Andalus for foreigners. I don’t know. In shâ’ Al-lâh American people will not tolerate another Republican President for the next 4 years.

I’m a pirate of images from Anti-islamic websites. Let’s go…

Freedom and Bush

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Archivado bajo al-Andalus, Christian Zionism, colonialism, dâr al-Harb, EU, islam, Left, Literature's Theory, orientalism, USA

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