Another world is better


Ok, you’re Russian and as the big majority you vote and approve the government and rules of M. Putin. But, and always but,  the censors are cutting the freedom of speech, the Chechenyan people is under the power of brutal gangsters and for them , there’s no democracy, no justice, no rights. For the Russian people the Justice is no independent, and the life is cheap.

Ok, you’re American, you vote and you support Bush and his wars. But, and always but, the day you begin to know a little bit about Islam you understand that it exits since a lot of time and that it means Peace, a word you don’t use since your University, back in the sixties. Then you begin a process of critic and you feel yourself bad. How much Iraqis refugees? How much deaths among the Iraqi people are the fruit of the American Armies?

Ok, you’re a good Spanish. You vote for Zapatero, you are in the good side: No war, Health Care, Education, Development. But, and always but, you don’t question the system of the capitalist construction of the relations with poor countries. Why we dont enforce solar energy in Marocco? Why we don’t investigate the corruption in Algeria with the money we use to buy energetic ressources? Why we don’t do nothing against the Ben Ali’s regime in Tunisia?

Ok, I’m a good Islamist. But, and always but, I often speak about the near problems, I don’t struggle enough for Palestine or Iraq or Saudi Arabia. Why I don’t attack more often the corrupt families in the top of the Saudi Power? Why I don’t denounce more often the richness, the way they buy the present and delete the future of the Saudi people and most of all, the Saudi women?

Ok, I’m a good Islamist. Another world is by no means more Islam, because Islam is no quantity. Islam means Peace. May we see Peace in any place where you don’t have full rights? How can’t we implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights worldwide? What’s going on now in Burma? Where’s my Jihâd for Burmese People, the Jihâd for a New Deal? Where’s my life?

Al-lâh give the answers at his will. I learn on sabr, patience, every single day, wa-Al-lâh ma’a assabirîn.

al-Idrisi World Map 1154 About Medieval History

Al Idrisi map, from the web of  Paul Bright Scott.


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Una respuesta a “Another world is better

  1. Salam brother Abenyusuf;

    Here is a good news story that I met just now;

    WebIslam, as the 1st. islamic website most visited Worldwide, the 2nd. one in whichever language.

    Nice feelings, and the greatest congratulations for all the people who fight against false (and painful) cultural, social and political prejudices in the World. ..In the same way as the ones you brief brilliantly here today.

    A better World will be possible with great consciences as yours, that help people to discover how beautiful Islam can be, if we want to see it like this.

    We need to see it like this.

    Hopeful. Wonderful.

    Assalam Alaikum,

    Jorge Medina Azcárate
    One brother World


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