Gender, tradition and self-construction

In the Occidental past, as in the orthopractic Islam, a dual tendency was developed: the culture of writing inside and a public sphere for Men, and meanwhile cooking inside and public Market for Women. So the myth about the Market and its benefits for society is a capitalistic construction of the neo-liberal seventies, while Market closes the largest feminine sphere: the popular market, and enforces the supermarket, where all is prepared for Men who can’t seize the products without texts. Alas for them, the gastronomy will never been where they  are, never among the warriors of the Royal with Cheese.

St-Luke, Medieval iconography

By the way, no further instruction of women has been implemented in a lot of countries with Muslim rural population, as Morocco. Since the last 20 years of dictatorship in Tunisia, the Women, despite the progress in Education, haven’t yet achieve the feminine normality in politics, culture, economy and social activism. So we see how bad is Ben Ali’s regime for those who defend the Heritage of Bourguiba. The Gender’s Jihâd, as the Jihâd for a New Deal, works for Pakistan as for Algeria. Meanwhile, in Europe we have to learn the beginning of the universal culture: a cup of rice, a curry chicken and a glass of green tea. The hands preparing a meal are sacred with the force of Eternity, from Al-lâh, the Lord Piteous of Pity. Europe must stop the American Way of Eating before we transform ourselves in fat, masculine and violent toys of the Capitalism and the Big Show. Wa-Al-lâhu r-Rahmân ir-Rahîm.

Cooking with Curry

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