Self-construction and self-representation: an identity

The global communication by the Web, let us put a quick look at poems from Indonesia, at reports of American Activists or at the collections of Mexican painters. We don’t use so much the e-mails by themselves, because we have no reasons to limit the spread of our general opinions and feelings. As for the Gender’s Jihâd, we pick the flashes in the press to catch the better instant, a mother as a free woman, a son as a worker, and by this representation, we try to be the owners of an image, a sef-constucted identity. Meanwhile, I read a blog of somebody else. Do you understand the rules?

I took here this famous image of the Man by Leonardo da Vinci. The most important signifiant, in my opinion, is the long hair, because is the way to represent the free-will to possess his own image letting grow the hair. I’m in an anteUtopia, and you’re welcome, of course.

Human Proportions

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