A poem and not a song

I would give a tale of a genius’s grave and a tower of Iron, but never a joke.

Somewhere a body is waiting its sad conscience. A town is watching the mountains with intentions of change.
It’s much more easier to compose a poem than to please with a song, and if you like how others sing, I  will respect the silence  by all  strategies.

Somebody will follow the good direction, and the ecology in the next revolution will be serious.

It’s never late to write a last speech for the future companions. Few of them are afraid of the sea, but most of them take sugar in the coffee.

I prefer the misunderstanding when it comes after love my Mistress.


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3 Respuestas a “A poem and not a song

  1. BM

    I love this! Beautiful, really like the flow. I’m linking this on my blog if you don’t mind?

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  3. Please, just do it. I love your poems too.
    Ma’a assalâma.

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