Left as Jihâd for a New Deal


The main political options in the Spanish Democracy are quite clear: at the Right , we have a party defending a short Spanish nationalism and a submission to the American Interests. At the Left, we live a revolutionary process, from the State and the Society till the individuals, and the main goals are a full Justice, defense of Workers and Citizens, and a New Deal with the Third World, among others, specially with the Islamic Countries.

The next elections in Spain will occur in Spring, and we will see a wonderful victory of the Left. Probably the Muslims in Spain will make stronger the ties with Spain, Latin America and Asia. The New Deal with Brasil, a country full of economic possibilities in technologies and energies, will soon or later offer to the other islamic countries better investments than armaments in the USA. Muslims Scholars as we are have to empower the trends of liberal and cultural streams, here in al-Andalus and everywhere of the Dâr al-Islâm. Wa Al-lâh has full power of our Human Destinies, Mâ shâ’ Al-lâh.

In our duty as Islamic Scholars is of most importance to stress in the Gender’s Jihâd while the future implementation of the Jihâd for a New Deal hand to hand with the Left, the Progresists and the Liberals. In that mesure, the mixed education of the children is the first and most important step; as the cartoon shown above, let the little girls become very politic; and if it is possible, as much as the little boys. Islam is politic or it means nothing.


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