The Legacy: feminism and ecology

Feminism and ecology are the two main streams of modern political development, and islamism needs to integrate them in non-discussed internal issues in order to build a progressive post-islamist International Trend. Immigrants, workers, students, and lawyers, all of us, we are awake of these struggles.

Webislam presents a Brasilian feminist who ask how is the God for women, meaning by that the cultural construction of woman-mind. Good reflexions on the Pain and the ideology of the Dictators in Latin America.

And I’m glad to see that Webislam offers sometimes good perls from the Arabic Literature, this time with an Ibn Arabi’s fragment : The Names of Love) : [hawà -hubb-3ishq -wadd]. Each one of them has a spiritual root associated. Ibn Arabi seems to search in the Arabic roots Body the borders for the Conscience despite the Need of Freedom.


I take this beautiful picture in this radio Radio Mundo Real.

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