Troubadours in the Middle Age (i)

Since the first troubadour, Guilhem IX from Aquitania, composed the first songs with Lyrics in Provenzal, at the end of the XI Century, thousands of troubadours, poets and singers, expanded their themes in the towns, courts and castles of the South of France. Some of those themes are connected to the love’s duty and the love’s death, the main roots of the 3udhrî love, a cultural system of values growth from Arabia in accordance with the borning Islam.


I wrote here the main topics of these 3udhrî poetry, developed by the Arabic gazal’s poets of the Urban Islamic Society:

-Love Poetry: a) Themes: Love bound, Tears of Love, Distance, Love’s Death, Love’s Madness, Supremacy of the Lover, Sacred Name of the Beloved, Places of Love (i. e. garden, River’s shores, Masjid’s patio), Grammar to love, Emaciated, Hope and desperation, Revival by Love, Sight, Fatal End in Love, Fascination in writing Love, Love’s Rawda (garden), Lost Sleep, Tell Mamma your Pain, Kiss me, Why should I do, 3itâb (Hate by Love), Modern I love you. b) rhetoric forms, rhymes, verses, formulae.


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