Internal and external trends in Ibn ‘Arabî

While reading a beautiful text wrote by Vicente Cantarino, Ibn ‘Arabî, poeta místico , published in Webislam, I did some quoting that I will present now.

Ibn ‘Arabî wrote two paths till the Love to Al-lâh, by one hand the doctrine, to get a system of relations with the Creation by the Knowledge, and by the other hand the poetry, in which «he express» thos relations «not as Truth, but as experience» (Cantarino, ibid.).

The main issue in his mystic poetry and in his metaphysical doctrine as well is the being and existence of Al-lâh, 3azza wajalla. According with this fact, the penetration in Reality is a condition for a full understanding of the Creation. By the way, the perception of the created, established by Ibn ‘Arabî, presents us levels in the Nature in which we can love the Lord. Actually, the creatures are not presented as big or small, but in consideration with internal and external trends to the Almighty. The inside and outside features of the creatures are the signs of the Beauty reflecting the Beauty of Al-lâh, 3azza wajalla.


Much more on Ibn ‘Arabî in the web of the Ibn ‘Arabî’s Society.

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