The jewel of my blogroll

Bismil·láh al-rahmán y rahim

As each blogger, I have personal links, links that I discover because they were well-known, or casual contacts that are growing each day. But the jewel of my blogroll is the page of Arabic Poetry online done by Princeton. The knowledge of poetry is important for the knowledge of Arabic, and the knowledge of Arabic is a fundamental step to every person who wants to understand directly and with the best resources and competences the Generous Qur’ân. For this reason I think that the page is a wonderful key to improve the individual journey for Muslims from Occidental Culture. The poems are recited, translated and well choosen. Indeed, the poem composed by Imru’ al-Qays is the first stone in the Arabic Literature, and the Mutanabbi’s poem is a master piece, who offers the characteristic devices of the Arabic Poetics, such as the tajnîs, the parallelisms and the fajr or madh at the end. Enjoy it, in shâ’ Al·lâh.

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