The freedom of blogging

Bismil·láh al rahmán y rahim

Nobody pays me for writing in this weblog, and therefore I don’t have any contract, law or schedule other that my hope and my interest. For this reason, I don’t have to write in any language: I may do it in Spanish, in French, in English, even if I do a lot of errors, just because I exercize my competences or in order to have probably more readers. But in fact, I don’t need readers, I love them and that’s enough. I can do what I want, when I want: for you, I propose to read in Spanish today a comment on freedom of choice by Slavoj Zizek, in Rebelión. And for you, a comment in French on El Criticón by Baltasar Gracián, wrote by Robert Maggiori in Libération. It’s so easy to blog in my desk, it’s like a poem with a pen. Mâ shâ’ Al·lâh.

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