Manifestarse contra los americanos (citando a Per Bjorklund)

El final de la conversación de un periodista sueco con un taxista egipcio, en el blog Egypt and beyond:

«[…] At this point the conversation inevitably turned to Israel and Gaza.
«Do you know what I saw today?» the driver said. «I saw a picture of a child cut into two pieces. A small baby, hit by an Israeli rocket or bomb or whatever… It was split in two, just like Palestine! What they are doing is a crime, the biggest crime in the world…»
Here he paused for a while, before suddenly turning towards me and asking in a sharp tone, eyes blazing with rage: «Do you support Israel?! Do you agree with what they are doing?»
I assured him this was not the case, and that in fact thousands of people have been demonstrating against the war in Gaza in Sweden. He shook his head and said: «Yes but they are wrong. They are demonstrating against Israel, but they should demonstrate against the Americans. They are the ones who want this war
«You have to write about what’s happening,» he went on. «Write to make people cry [. . .]».


Efectivamente,  que la gente leyera y al menos llorara de verdad por lo que está pasando. Prefiero no pensar en cómo llenan  el telediario y la prensa de antinoticias.

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