2 caras de la misma moneda (citando a Sayyed Abdel Moneim)

«[…]–Sayyed Abdel Moneim now of the Center for Socialist Studies is now speaking…
–He’s discussing the historical ties between imperialism and the establishment of the Zionist state
–Israel has always been a base for imperialism in the region, Be it brits or or later the Americans.
–Why can’t the Palestinians, despite their bravery, not able to liberate their land? They are up against big imperial powers who are backing Israel, and they need extra help from their neighbors.
–Sayyed is talking about the rise of Zionism, as a reaction to the antisemitism in Europe in the age of colonialism
–”There is so much oil in this region. There is the Suez canal. This region is strategic. The imperial powers are using the Zionist settlers in Palestine in protect their interests in the region.
–Zionism sees Jews and Gentiles as irreconciable, and cannot live together, according to the Zionist myths..
–Those who carry out attacks against Jews abroad in Europe and elsewhere give legitimacy to the Zionist logic. We should be firmly opposed to any attacks on synagogues in Europe. “Zionism and Anti-Semitism are two faces of the same coin,” says Sayyed. […] «. (via 3arabawy)

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3 Respuestas a “2 caras de la misma moneda (citando a Sayyed Abdel Moneim)

  1. Salaam,

    I believe Palestine will be liberated by a few compared to the number of Muslims are now, Allahu ‘Alam but the conflict has been going on for so long and sometimes took very critical turns and Muslims never made the extra step to stop the madness there.

    I agree that resistance is the only option, the more concessions the Arab rulers do the Zionists become more arrogant and barbaric. After Gaza, no one should call for that absurd “peace process” where there is no land left in the West bank to make a state (not that I agree that is just).

  2. Wa alaikum assalâm

    I confess that I defended too much, I was a «great defender» of every «peace process» in the past, but now I stay reclaiming just Human Rights and Justice for Palestinians.

    Thank you Realistic bird,

  3. Asalaam ‘alykum.

    If I wake up and don’t see or hear about an oppressed Palestinian or some other Israeli crime I would feel like I was born again. Nobody wants to live in continuous wars and we want it to end, but it is a very harsh situation. I have lived a tiny bit of what the Palestinians have gone through and still don’t know how they carry on, patience is a marvel.

    May Allah (SWT) ended it soon and bring justice and peace to the region, ameen.

    Thanks bro.

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