La separación de los intelectuales (citando a Pierre Birnbaum y Jean Leca)

«A spectre is haunting the West’s intellectuals – the spectre of individualism. Individualism has, indeed, many spectral qualities: indeterminate shape, evocative power, and a myriad of other qualities attributed to it and which allow it to take many forms on a scale which ranges from benevolence to terror according to perceptions of it. Perhaps the most important quality ascribed to it when it appears (or reappears) is its power of annunciation: annunciation of historic changes which have taken place or are in the making, and which will shake the fragile foundations of our knowledge and our existence […]».

Birnbaum y Leca: Introduction, en Individualism Theories and Methods,  Pierre Birnbaum y Jean Leca (eds.)  Nueva York, Oxford University Press, 1990,  reimpreso en 2001, p. 1.

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