Huellas de Kristeva

«The traces that map the contours of Kristeva’s life are most easily reconstituted by examining the terrain of her immense written production, from the linguistic study Séméiotikè: Recherches pour une sémanalyse (Studies in Semanalysis) in 1969, to her latest work, a novel whose title, Les Samouraïs (The Samourais),  echoes Simone de Beauvoir’s Les Mandarins of a generation earlier. Perhaps Kristeva’s most famous and influential work is her doctoral thesis, published in 1974 as La Révolution du langage poétique (The Revolution in Poetic Language), where she first introduces the notion of le sémiotique («the semiotic,» to be distinguished from la sémiotique [«semiotics»], the science of signs). That year also marks the publication by Des Femmes of Kristeva’s observations on Chinese women, Des Chinoises (About Chinese Women), a book that reflects the Maoist obsession of the Tel Quel group during that period […]»,

citado del artículo de Lynne Huffer en French Women Writers, Eva Martin Sartori, Dorothy Wynne Zimmerman (eds), University of Nebraska Press, 1994, p. 244.

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  1. What a great historic photo of the Chinese wall. It truly seems like she is enjoying herself soaking up the culture of China.

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