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Apoyo masivo en las redes a los antifascistas iraníes

Keep up the good work. The whole world is watching and we are with you in spirit. Best regards to all the people of Iran and I hope all ends well for you. DavidJ

All Free peoples around the world stand with you. Now it is clear the only way to bring change in Iran is from the street. Take to the streets and never give up hope. May God bless the new-revolutionaries of Iran. Erich

Keep your heads up! The world is with you. At least the people. I have created a video for you guys – protests in Berlin, Germany: Nico

“In situations like these, peer-to-peer media is essential. Send all you’ve got to me. We’ll do our best to assess, edit, and post. There is no neutrality in this. Every blogger is now an honorary member of the resistance. We are at war too – for peace and democracy.” Michon

My heart is with the people of Iran. I fear for their safety but respect – immensely – what they are doing. simone

There is no higher purpose than truth. I wish you success with your endeavour. My thanks for your courage. Ian

I wish I could come over and help you folks. My heart is there though. Stay strong, be safe, God is on your side. wendy davis

If the Iran people can not use the Internet, because of the coup´d etat of the iran government, it dos not matter : the liberty will arrive to Iran. Even without Internet. ignacio

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