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Degradación del kitsch

“Benjamin’s kitsch was the degraded form in which his generation had experienced that object world in childhood. Kitsch might be defined as that peculiar mixture of bad taste and bad design produced by embelleshing with a decorative form inappropiate to its function. He stressed this ornamental face of kitsch, the tangled of “most inward entwinements” into which it led. By extension, kitsch  reared its head in any modern phenomenon that betrayed an ornamental face, from the overstuffed bourgeois interior where it held sway to the sentimentality and verbosity of the conversations that filled out the little remaining space. For Benjamin, these things offered “the most matter-of-fact picture of our way of feeling” (II 621).”

John McCole, “Benjamin and Surrealism: Awakening”, en Walter Benjamin and the Antinomies of Tradition, Cornell University Press, 1993,  p. 215.

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