Barrière de contrôle de sécurité suppléant la vie – Bethlehem

Nobody in my town will wait more than 10 minutes without asking what’s matter

But in this occupied land, everybody have to stay hours and hours in this position

Under the sun under the rain under the cold progression of the line

Mothers they are, but most of them are fathers ans sons. Daughters, but also sisters and brothers

No police protect them from the police which stops them no justice defends them from the justice which denied them

They are the Other of the Same who is the Other of myself and the Other of my death, and the death of the Other

The Wall is upon then over them against them inside them and outside each one of their houses

The houses that soldiers are getting on, right now, to search one man

Who is nobody else than myself or the Other of myself or the friend of my friend fired by a soldier

Who’s the soldier of this death and where’s the fire of his death and the keys of his house

The house of his parents and the house of his life and the life of this country occupied by Others

The house of the Other protecting his country denying the existence of the whole Other’s country

Nobody will drive me to that nightmare. Until the new government will offer the country to stop build a Wall

Shaming my country, my town, my neighbors and friends. I have no friends yet

Wacthing this line of friends and friends of my no country. My love is far

Too far to see that Wall.

Too far to see that country, another time.

She did it.

She was there (oh maybe not in Bethlehem, but in Qalqiyya).

She said me

The color of Palestine don’t take light from the sun, but from the people

I said

The people of Palestine don’t see the difference between love and wait

Hoping that she thought I was talking about love

The Wall in Bethlehem, under Israeli Occupation

(Shlomit Avni, Physicians for Human Rights. Photo:

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