Tunisian Tagût Ben Ali still protected: shame on him!

As we saw last weeks in Burma, the Army’s oppression on people and the free society is the worst situation for the respect of the Human Rights. In Tunisia, we have another sad example of this authoritarian rule. The opposition to Ben Ali’s regime is sustained by lawyers, students, writers, islamists and workers. Like it is in Burma, the Army and the Police don’t accept a free press, not even the use of Internet.

This Layla of the Destiny I want to share my thoughts with the noble Tunisian people. Land, Freedom and National Honor! One day my garden will be full of Tunisian jasmin.

I wish Ben Ali will be judged by his crimes against his nation, and the Umma will free all the brothers and sisters around the world in shâ’ Al-lâh. Al-lâh is the Judge and He’s wiser than the Tagût and his wizards. Al-lâhu Akbar.

Zinedine Ben Ali, Tunisian Dictator.

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