lecturas y ritmos

I’m reading the novel «Je» by Yves Velan, the «Libro del Buen Amor», «El mago» (translation) by John Fowles, the anthology of the ten Muallaqat by Federico Corriente, the andalusian arabic text and the translation of Ibn Quzman by Federico Corriente (the same), the novel «Les Bienveillantes» by Jonathan Little, another novel of the Mexican writter Leonardo da Jandra, few poems of Pablo Neruda from «Residencia en la tierra», the politic texts of Castelao in «Sempre en Galiza» and Sophocle’s Electra. I’m not reading Le Coeur Un, nor the Bible. I have to. I wish to have time to do so today. More books I begun are «La Regenta», by Leopoldo «Alas», and ever and forever, «L’amour courtois en Orient», by  Vadet.

I’m also reading the cantigas de amigo, in the anthology prepared by X. Bieito Arias Freixedo.

Eu atendendo meu amigo…

Last week I finished Peter Pan.

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