Proverbs 1 1:7, 15:19

The Proverbs of Solomon son of David, king of Israel:
for learning wisdom and instruction,
for understanding learned sayings;
for acquiring discipline,  for  success,
righteousness, justice and equity;
for imparting prudence to the inexperienced,
knowledge and discernement to the young –
a wise person, hearing them, will gain more wisdom,
and a prudent person will grow in skill –
for understanding a proverb and a riddle,
the sayings of the sages and their  riddles.
The beginning of knowledge is revering
only fools despise wisdom and instruction.

[…] do not walk on the way with them,
keep your foot from their path,
for senselessly would a net be held high
in the sight of any winged creature.
As for them, they are setting an ambush for their own blood,
liying in wait for their own lives.
Such is the path of everyone who is greedy for gain;
it takes the life of its possessor.

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